Currency Market Widget

Currency Market Widget will allow you to display real-time quotes of the chosen currencies comparing to the other major currencies at the first sight. You just need to indicate the currencies you are interested in, select the needed diapason of time, and conduct the analysis.

Metals Widget

You need to track in real-time the markets of precious metals if you intend to invest in them. You can always have updated information about the prices of precious metals. Study the chart below to make sure what your next trading step would be.

Indices Widget

Stay informed on the real-time situation on the indices market. Track the market prices for major indices to increase your chances of better trading. Look for the section you are interested in to improve the quality of your analyzing skills for the splendid trade. Find the index you are interested in and create your successful trading plan.

Shares Widget

Stock Exchange Widget shows the maximum growth of shares, as well as their fall on the market. Stock market constantly renewing grounded on the current market activity, that is why your analysis of the market will always be accurate and effective. Use the widget to track the real situation on the market.

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